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MAR Services IT CleaningIT Equipment Cleaning
Keyboards, mice and telephones hold more bacteria than anything else in your office. As we all spend many hours each day at a desk food crumbs, hair and unseen debris like skin cells build up at your work station. This provides the perfect environment for bacteria such as MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella and E-Coli to breed causing vomiting and diarrhoea. A recent survey by Which? took swabs from electronic equipment and found 480 units of Staphylococcus on the dirtiest keyboard, more than the average toilet seat.  Regular specialist cleaning can take the worry away, providing a clean and healthy work station. MAR Services offer a fully comprehensive IT Equipment Cleaning service including:

  • Hard-drive: dust, clean and sanitise
  • Keyboard: remove debris and dust on and under the keys. Clean and sanitise all surfaces
  • Monitor: dust, clean and sanitise external housing. Wipe screens with antic-static cleaner
  • Mouse: remove dust and debris from the roller and optical sensor, clean and sanitise
  • Telephone: remove dust, clean and sanitise

Kitchen cleaningKitchen Deep Cleaning If you work in the food preparation industry you will be well aware of the stringent rules and legislation that a professional kitchen must comply with. The Health and Safety Act and the Food Hygiene Act specify in great detail how a working kitchen must be maintained. MAR Services provided a totally reliable, thorough service that leaves you free to concentrate on your core business activities. We will carry out a full survey of the site and discuss requirements with you. We will then agree a convenient time for the work to be carried out.

As well as thorough scrubbing of floors and walls we also clean cooking equipment, extraction systems, canopies, filters and ductwork. We will maintain your kitchen to the very highest standards, providing the following benefits:

  • Confidence that your kitchen is compliant with industry standards
  • Mitigate the risk of bacterial contamination and pest infestation
  • Alleviate customer complaints and negative publicity
  • Provide better working conditions for your staff
  • Improve the reputation of your business

Washroom cleaningWashroom Deep Cleaning Communal toilets and showers are, unsurprisingly, breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Whilst general daily cleaning provides a good level of cleanliness, over time grime, dirt and lime scale builds up in those hard to reach places, including sink overflows, toilet bowls and cisterns, around taps and shower heads, floors and walls especially those hard to reach corners and edges. Uric acid crystals also build up around sanitary wear creating odour and blockages.

We have the right equipment and expertise to deal with all of this quickly and efficiently. A periodic deep clean of this type provides many benefits:

  • Improves the reputation of your business
  • Removes harmful bacteria and eliminates unpleasant odours
  • Reduces the risk of infection and ill health
  • Improves the general appearance of your facilities
  • Prolongs the life of your amenities and pipework
  • Mitigates the risk of damage from major blockages and leaks


gutterExternal Gutter Cleaning Gutters are an important part of your building’s weather proofing system. It’s easy to let regular maintenance slide and if neglected, it can result in expensive and disruptive repairs. We offer a comprehensive and safe service solution for high buildings, domestic properties and offices, providing health and safety documentation to the latest regulations. We carry out gutter cleaning for hospitals, local authorities, councils, block management agents and various other commercial and domestic customers. Here are some of the benefits of our service:

  • Our unique system eliminates the need for expensive scaffolding, ladders and high access equipment.
  • We offer the option of a  video showing the gutters being cleaned which not only provides you with evidence of the clean but also identifies if there are any problems with the guttering that may need attention or repair and can also be useful for any insurance claims.


External gutter and jet washing 2High Pressure Jet Washing Our rotary surface cleaning system produces amazing results and restores outside surfaces to their former glory. You will be amazed at the results. Grime, moss and dirt gradually build up and as well as being unsightly it can also become slippy and hazardous for you, your staff and customers. We can quickly and efficiently remove these deposits and leave your premises looking pristine. We specialise in cleaning outside hard surfaces including:

  • Domestic patios
  • Car parks
  • Steps
  • Paths
  • Roofs
  • Fire escapes


Critical Environment Cleaning  We are fully au fait with the notion that specialist environments require a detailed and specialist level of cleaning knowledge.

In these type of critical environments, we fully appreciate that, when it comes to maintaining the very highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, leaving things to chance just isn’t an option.

It’s why as a business, MAR Cleaning Services has developed an enviable reputation in the Critical Environment sector and is proud to include Data Centres, Pharmaceutical Companies, Health Providers, High-Tech Manufacturing Businesses and Specialist Laboratories amongst our extensive portfolio of clients.