We have over 30 years experience caring for a wide range of premises from small local businesses to large corporate headquarters for many prestigious clients across London and the South East. Regardless of your business, we know that it’s crucial we provide local, high calibre, reliable cleaners who are trained and supported to deliver consistently high standards.

Our culture makes us unique. Everyone at every level within our company is focused on delivering both proactive and reactive assistance that meet the individual needs of each client.  Not only do we ensure that cleaning standards are outstanding, we also work with your facilities team reporting any issues concerning the fabric of the building.  The biggest reward for us is when a client says they enjoy a clean building without even noticing the service is taking place, leaving them to focus on their core business.





We have over 15years specific industry experience and have vast expertise in cleaning a variety of leisure facilities including pools, changing rooms, showers, saunas and gyms.

We have developed innovative techniques using the right chemicals and equipment to achieve exemplary cleanliness that has proven to significantly improve members’ experience and retention.

Perhaps this is best illustrated by the fact that several of our long standing clients have been successful in achieving the highly prestigious FIA (Fitness Industry Association) Flame awards in a variety of categories including Health Club Operator of the Year and Club of the Year. These awards recognise the importance of hygiene and cleanliness as part of what it takes to be the very best.

Lecture Room_iStock_SmallEducation

We have over 20 years experience providing exceptional cleaning services to  a wide variety of schools, colleges and universities.  We know that educational establishments require a great degree of flexibility and an in depth knowledge of a bustling academic environment.

We appreciate term time versus non-term time cleaning; we are familiar with many types  of buildings (old and new), gyms, halls and classrooms as well as all floor types including Altro, vinyl and wood etc.

We also know that security and the vetting of cleaners is of paramount importance, which is why we provide a monthly safeguarding report that includes pictures of all cleaners, DBS confirmation and other vetting and eligibility criteria.  This is accompanied by our fingerprint biometric Time and Attendance system which all provide you with reassurance and peace of mind.

 Critical Environment Cleaning

At MAR Cleaning Services, we’re completely au fait with the notion that specialist environments require a detailed and specialist level of cleaning knowledge.

In these type of critical environments, we fully appreciate that, when it comes to maintaining the very highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, leaving things to chance isn’t an option.

It’s why as a business, MAR Cleaning Services has developed an enviable reputation in the Critical Environment sector of the market and is proud to include Data Centres, Pharmaceutical Companies, Health Providers, High-tech Manufacturing Businesses and Specialist Laboratories amongst our extensive portfolio of clients.

Eliminating the Risk……..

In many cases, businesses operating in the critical environment arena operate on a 24-7 basis, where any kind of service failure could easily run up a bill that has a significant number of noughts at the end of it.

For these types of organisation, maintaining a properly managed and planned programme of daily and deep cleaning is therefore not just a nice-to-do, it’s an absolute must.

Take data centres for example.

We ensure that all of our cleaning processes are governed by and strictly adhere to the requirements identified within ISO14644 (class 8) – the specific standard that covers air chemical cleanliness and contaminates in a controlled environment.

This in turn guarantees that our staff are all fully trained and properly equipped to perform a myriad of required specialist cleaning tasks.

So whilst managing the daily demands of a Data Centre is a stressful job in its own right, through its class leading and meticulous approach, MAR Cleaning Services can help take away at least one headache from a Data Centre management team.